Five Things Not To Do On Social Media For WAHM's

When I first started working from home I thought I would excel in my business by doing what I saw others who worked from home doing. BOY was I wrong!! Just because others are doing it it does not make it right! Below is a list of five things NOT to do when promoting your business on social media.

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OMG You're Homeschooling?

My daughter Zoey has struggled since she was two with speech. When she started Kindergarten at the public school she dealt with a teacher who refused to work with her mainly because of her ADHD. When we switched her to catholic school she started to do a little better but was still struggling. Zoey is a lot like me if anyone around us we get sick. So needless to say she’s missed lots of school due to being sick.  Midway through the year this year we decided we were going to pull Zoey out and homeschool.

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A bit about Heather's Heaven


Thanks for dropping into my little slice of heaven where my passion for family and design come together. My love for family and the history behind it launched my desire to help others explore the past and discover where they come from. Journey Through Time Genealogy packages are my way of helping you piece together the history in your family. Heavenly Designs brings my love of creativity into your hands through affordable and downloadable flyers, cover photos and more. I love to talk, not just design and family, but also books and bible. On my blog you'll find design tips, genealogy stories, family recipes I love to cook and my family stories on living frugal. You can find out more about me and my heavenly living on the About page.


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